About iProclaim Studio

iProclaim Studio offers a diverse range of skills and expertise covering everything from graphic, corporate image and website design, to commercial and small business video production. And best of all, we have the ability to tie that all together with an effective social media strategy.

GirlOnLaptopYipeeNot only do we create and design work for our clients, we are committed to learning from our clients, partners, and co-creators, which is why we find ourselves drawn to a variety of different projects.

Regardless of the size or scope of the project they accept, we are determined to achieve the results our clients want, and we make every effort to do so.

My name is Andrew Hamilton and I am the founder and creative director of iProclaim Studio. I began designing corporate images in 1995 and by 1997 was designing websites for travel and tourism industry clients.

Over the years I found many small business customers asking questions about making their marketing more interactive and more graphically attractive. We began by connecting business websites to their Social Media accounts increasing customer interest and interaction.

In November 2011 in response to a customer request, I began creating promotional videos for businesses, charitable organizations and sports teams. We also had several requests for video “story telling” videos … people wanting to tell their stories using more than just traditional media tools.

By mid 2012, I was beginning to create cartoon style video’s for a few small business. Our early videos were interesting and engaging – but more importantly, they enabled a story to be told utilizing a very non-threatening, unique medium that we’ve all enjoyed since we were children.

DoodleMe Videos can be used to engage and convert visitors to business websites and blogs, and they can generate traffic via social media such as Youtube, Facebook and Linked In. DoodleMe Videos also work in a face to face environment simply by carrying your videos around with you on your iPhone and tablet or other smart device.

HideBehindDeskIn order to produce a DoodleMe Video, we require a mixture of skills and talent – script writing, cartooning, professional voice overs, video editing, marketing, sales and project management … many of the same skills we had developed and hired for our more traditional commercial movie formats. 

iProclaim Studio’s vision is to support their clients in their quest to source new business by attracting new and existing clients through creative and persuasive video stories. By focussing on our client’s client, iProclaim Studio delivers powerfully engaging stories with a strong call to action that gets our client’s marketing message across … did that make sense?

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.31.49 PM

For more examples of video solutions for our customers, please visit us on our YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/iproclaimstudio 

iProclaim Studio uses video as a medium for telling stories. Our ethos is to understand our client’s prospects, discover what motivates them, what their emotional situation is and create the best story possible to encourage their customers to take action.

I’m sure we can help you too. For more information, please contact us today at 289-803-0293.