HideBehindDeskEveryone loves a good story … and a cartoon, all the more. Steamboat Willie ~Disney’s loveable Mickey Mouse character who first appeared on the screen in 1928~ was one of the first animated cartoons ever to be created. And today, almost 90 years later, animated cartoon stories still capture the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world.

The most important part of telling a story is getting your audience to listen.

As your story unfolds, a professional cartoonist creates visual images that capture people’s attention. And one of the strongest assets that your cartoon video has is the capacity to focus emotion.

iProclaim firmly believes that your message (your audible story) is as important as the drawing. That’s why we use professional voice talent artists that can tell your story clearly, at the right pace and in high quality.

DoodleMe Videos are an engaging tool that actually cause viewers engage with your message right to the end.

When they do that your story can close with a strong call to action. And the more people that hear your clear call to action, the more will take your desired action.

So why would you delay? Pick up the phone now and let’s discuss how an DoodleMe Video can get more traffic to your website and better conversions when those prospects get there.