Simple First Aid

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 7.12.32 PMWe all know accidents happen. But if one of your employees was hurt or injured at work, do your staff have the First Aid training they need to help? Is your team’s certification up-to-date?

iProclaim Studio was approached by owner of Simple First Aid ~Anita Horlings~ to create a DoodleMe Video for her business. Although her business was doing well, she needed to increase the number of training days to keep her excellent team growing.

After determining the needs and getting a better understanding budget, Andrew began to create a script for the project. When the script was completed and signed off, the production began and before too long, the first draft of the project was completed.

The team at Simple First Aid were so pleased with the project that they agreed to it and signed off on the production.

The video was published on local Social Media pages and on Simple First Aid’s Facebook page to great success.

Simple First Aid … Someone’s life could depend on you!

For more information on Simple First Aid, please visit them online at: